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* Made with aluminum alloy with two layers of non-stick coating.

* Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, non-stick and PFOA free!

* Silicone-coated Bakelite handles

* Non-stick stoneware ceramic coating

* Dishwasher safe

* Suitable for induction cooking as well as all standard cook plates

* Non-stick coating prevents food from sticking

* Environmentally-friendly materials

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Available in classic black, these stone-coated ceramic fry pan will look amazing in your kitchen and are perfect for gas, electric and induction cooktops. The coating is so easy to clean.



Size: 20CM*24CM*26CM*28CM*30CM

Material: Aluminum Nonstick Coating



·       Do not touch the hot surface directly, use a handle.
·        Please wait for the pan to cool completely before cleaning.

·       Do not overheat the pan without food, it will spoil the non-stick surface.

·       Do not use sharp or pointed metallic utensil.
·       Use wood or heat-resistant plastic utensil.

·       Do not keep food in the pan

·       Do not use the metallic scrubber.

·       Clean the pan after use with a soft sponge and dry it before keeping.

·       Do not use if the handle is loose, screw the handle tightly again for safety.

·       This product is designed for household use


20cm, 24cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm


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